Monday, June 6, 2016

Galveston and Houston

Last year we did a Galveston/Houston weekend get away over Memorial Day weekend. While there we found out about a sandcastle competition they do every year the first weekend of June...we were one week too early! We decided that we wanted to come back for the competition in 2016!

This year Kendall and Melissa decided to do a weekend trip to Utah just the two of them, so we offered to take their kids, but their trip happened to be the same weekend as the Sandcastle Competition. So we took all the kids! It was really fun! The plan was that the Powell kids would be with us from Friday morning until Monday afternoon.
Friday was a lot of packing of bags and the van. We also checked to make sure the rain wasn't going to affect the sandcastle competition. They said it would happen rain or shine! This is a big thing: they set up canopies, haul in extra sand, there are judges and the people also get to vote. It's suppose to be awesome!
Saturday morning we woke up early and left on the road for Galveston. While on our way, they cancelled the competition because it had rained so much that the parking lots were flooded. We were very disappointed, but that wasn't going to stop us from having an awesome weekend! Really the only thing that changed was our Saturday afternoon plans. The rest of it was already planned.
First we went to the Ocean Star Oil Rig Museum. It was pretty cool! We got to learn about oil rigs and see the different under-water suits they've worn through the year.

Next was our impromptu plans. We decided to go to Chuck E Cheese. We got a bunch of tokens and had a really fun time for a few hours! Afterwards we picked up some Sam's Club pizza and took it to our hotel and ate. Then we went swimming at the hotel pool. After that we all took showers while watching a movie and then went to bed.

Sunday morning we went to the Houston NASA Space Center.

Compare how it feels to lift the exact same weight on different planets!

Welcome to space!

Ready for take off!

What!?! Aliens?

Driving a rover

 Landing a rocket

Space Suits through the times

The Discovery

A life size rocket! It was SO huge!

I got to participate in a Mythbusters experiment! Can you dodge a paintball? I can!
It started off with me and this man doing a reaction test with both light and sound. Evidently I won both, but I'm not sure it was accurate...either way, I won, so I went on to dodge the paintball.

Ammon starts laughing at me at the very beginning of the video. He thinks it's funny how much padding/protection they put on me because 1) it reduces the fear of getting hit and 2) it made it a lot harder to move! I, on the other hand, didn't feel like it reduced my fear. I was still pretty nervous! I didn't even notice the paint on the shield, just heard the splat! It wasn't until I watched the movie that I noticed a lot of what was going on around me!

We got to tour the decommissioned Independence Space Rocket 

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